the above image contains a stack of items that i am giving away to anyone interested. if you live far away i will even mail them to you. included are magazines (italian vogue, wire, dazed and confused, another, art forum, national geographic), various zines, vintage books, unused notebooks, some records. and not shown is a stack of some clothes and a few pairs of shoes. i'm size little in shirts and jackets and size 7 in sneakers. until i find a ride to salvation army, it's all yours. e-mail me.


focused on worthwhile efforts and positive offerings. a very lovely grass video from superhate and animal collective. a highly anticipated film called winter passing written and directed by novelist and playwright adam rapp. and the unearthing of a profoundly pretty recording by sibylle baier that was released on elf power's orange twin label. apparently j mascis passed this epic gem their way.

buy this record if you love pretty singing. i just put the song "softly" on a compilation for a friend.


kronos quartet & asha bhosle made a beautiful record to draw to.

"you've stolen my heart" is its fitting title.


good bye ruby tuesday

so glad today is over with


these days

these days i seem to think alot about the things that i forgot to do
and all the times i had the chance to