another happy week ends.


lame SF winds:



I Can Look Inside Your Head


the new york office.
i was the only one on the entire third floor, so naturally, i chose this office. i didn't even bother with looking for the location i had been assigned.
fall style morning chills. yes. elevation fall.
back at work, i discovered the assigned location.
and yep,
i forgot my toothbrush. so here i am. like AC said, it puts a punctuation mark on all the days of driving. like CG said, it's all one big blurry city.

we are constantly on trial and it's a way to be free.


first weird weekend living in new york. at the patrick ervell show i sat in studio ten and thought about all of the days i've spent in that particular studio. i thought about a lot of things.

at unis, i told these guys to pose like they weren't stressed. can you tell?

i kept calling this mcQ by steve mcqueen and no one corrected me. humor me.
miranda hosted a party and since it was a fashion party the chips she passed around had to match her dress. this city's on it like that.
and later, candle mode.
party mode.

pet mode.
by the way, new york is like this every night. at least that's what jim kept saying each night that i ran into him. 3 out of 3.