yi yi


once again thank you criterion collection for bringing it in a major way


nobody told me there'd be days like these

strange days indeed
most peculiar


big edie and the kittens

last week i had the honor of viewing the premiere of THE BEALES OF GREY GARDENS with my friend frank and his friend gerry. gerry is also nicknamed "the marble faun" in the original 1975 film, GREY GARDENS, made by the maysles brothers. this new film is called a companion piece to the original & contains additional footage and outtakes edited from the hours and hours of stock that was shot over the years that the maysles spent with the beales. it's truly incredible. and what an epic night and priviledge to meet gerry. the film really expands upon his role in the lives of the beales. basically, if you are at all a fan of GREY GARDENS, this expansion will totally blow your mind. it's so so so good. please visit frank haines's page to read more about all of this. and if you live in nyc, please go tonight or tomorrow to the ifc center and see this gorgeous unearthed work on the big screen. otherwise, wait for the newly enhanced criterion collection dvd to be released sometime in the near future.



"i want to be your friend forever."

what a weird thing. forever.

walking on greenwich street, i thought of that yo la tengo song

nothing much friday night
lower east side
you walked outta the past
and into the bar
i used to think about you all the time
i would think about you all the time
now it just feels weird
that there you are


suntan bodies and waves of sunshine
california girls and a beautiful coastline
warmed up weather let's get together and do it again.....


learn to face the ominous clouds.....
but not now....not now, not now