baby, it's a long way to south america.



david came to town to help me alphabetize my records at 1 am.

then we took flat stanley to the golden gate bridge. flat stanley has had his picture taken in many, many odd places. for instance, on the grassy knoll near where jfk was shot. flat stanley is due back in david's 6 year old niece's classroom by tomorrow. good luck, stan.

me and 14 other people in the movies on a sunday afternoon.

please see that i'm not the only one in the family blogging. go to this blog and scroll down to april 13th's entry entitled "he wants to bring us together." carol m. is my mom. yes!


zabriski point. antonioni rules it so hard. fuck. thanks, castro theatre. also ruling it as of late.
it had me thinking. how some people have their handle on what they do. needle sharp focus. so zoomed in and driven. and then there're other people, other little fish, who just swim around and make it all happen in the background. just swimming around. helping things happen. solid little fish.
isn't it weird?

& death.
goodbye, sol lewitt. goodbye, kurt vonnegut.


a game of telephone in bunny meadow on the last day of march 2007. hello, spring.