went to see INLAND EMPIRE last night during a hail storm. it pretty much reminded me of christmas with my parents. not quite, but you'll laugh if you've seen the movie. maybe you'll laugh anyway.



1. gordon matta clark at the whitney and the lovely article in wednesday's dining section. art & food. hells yes.
2. my dream desk. thank you, george nelson. thank you, herman miller.
3. driving in LA last weekend to hisham's latest offering, SOFT CIRCLE, was totally right at night. the lights and the music were weaving together at 70 mph. genius.
4. victoria and albert museum's vivienne westwood show making it's only US stop here at home
5. piano music. piano. music.
6. for those of you who don't watch VBS, here is a link you may have missed. mr. fred rogers. incredible. (mom, i hope you watch this one.)
7. seems like if you live in NY you might want to see a free film. it looks rad.
8. i know there's more.
9. there always is.


eighty-nine degrees in los angeles.

sixteen degrees in manhattan.


another beautiful fall/winter show. the new panda bear is my daily bread. julie christie, the rumors are true.