good morning, america.


for Y.N.


b&s came to town and played at a gigantic center

picked up stevie from his day room. what a dandy.

i really can't tell you how great it was to see them play. the hits did not stop.

this guy was not feeling it

these guys were really feeling it.

so was this guy.

i went to visit david at his post...

but he was busy being busy.

technology was happening.

david got to town a night early and we went for a walk with aggi and saw a movie. he is an excellent friend.

he makes friends and keeps them.

plus he's really tall.

so then there's this guy. i know david is going to tell his story way better. so i'll get back to that later. anyway, this guy was a very drunk backstage stowaway who was totally obsessed with b&s. he kept trying to get the tour buses to drive him to his apartment. i'm not even going to attempt to explain how ridiculous this whole situation was. but he lurked HARD.

lurker behind dan johnson lake's long hair.

still there.

it's hard to say goodbye sometimes.

hey people, looking out the window, you'll be gone tomorrow



lena wolff and c. ryder cooley have an opening tonight at needles and pins gallery and i know it will be lovely.

check out a new record by bibio. his previous offering "fi" was one of my favorite of last year.


oh there'll be time to get by and get dry after the swimming pool
oh there'll be time to just cry and wonder why it didn't work out