to lift up the lids of your eyes


agnes barley at mayle
a box of clementines at home
aki kaurismaki gets eclipsed
art ensemble of chicago in "les stances a sophie"
berlin in 2 days


oh my heart waits in winter now


over at T's studio, a photoshoot took place for a little rag called VOGUE.

art  got wrangled.
T got styled. many wonderful options. she looked incredible in mcqueen.

these things take time. it's all about options.

my role: i made a playlist of  piano music and brought T a kombucha. very crucial.
it takes a small army to make a picture
but it only takes one genius to make this necklace. holy shit, tauba. awesome.



friday to monday. monday first.
rest in peace, mama africa.

rachel getting married. thought about marriage. the celebration part of marriage.
stages. a quiet pretty dutch film. thought about the bond that outlasts marriage. my parents are a testament to that kind of friendship.
last night beautiful this
and favorite this
thomas demand on the cover of the times magazine

good morning, america.