i had one last day off in nyc. it was art day and everything looked lovely.

i was psyched because my day off coincided with the opening of the rooftop exhibition at the met. this summer's artist is cai guo-qiang and you should look at his site and click on the projects to watch videos of his gunpowder sculptures set off all over the world. my favorite is 2005's black rainbow in valencia, spain.
at high noon every day, from now until october, you will see the following above the met:

"clear sky black cloud" and then more clear sky...

there is also an insane relief sculpture depicting all of the world's insane situations. it's pretty surreal.

the met is totally blazing right now. the kara walker show is beautiful. the first living artist to curate a show at the museum. i wonder what it must be like to pick through the ENTIRE collection of the most epic museum ever and create a show like this. it's stunning. the below photo is not the aforementioned show. just a strangly isolated place in a labrynth of stimuli.

i love the met. so. much.

then i walked to the lever house on park and 53rd to see this damien hirst sculpture. if you know me well, you understand how unsettling it was to stand below this two-story disected pregnant woman.

and if my brain wasn't fried enough, at the last minute i ran to phillips de pury auction house to see a room FULL of basically every EVERY major photographer's work. like everyone. ever. from everywhere. what the? incredible.

see you soon

last nights

you may want to own the dvd of a 1974 film called a bigger splash because it is beautiful beyond belief. i don't even know what to say about it. i've never seen anything like it. the film just basically follows a recently dumped david hockney around london, los angeles, and new york and shows the most intimate portrait of an artist's life that i've ever seen on film. it is so mind expanding. highly recommended for anyone with interests in music, fashion, art and especially noteworthy for the gays. please see this and tell me.


see you soon, lady.

my favorite thing on the computer lately is getting a daily los angeles weather report from david lynch who obviosly rules. and if you want to hear my favorite song that holds many meanings, please link to the word "crazy" over in the links section. update: i took that link away. it's that gnarls barkley song and i'm sure you've heard it a million times by now. it still rules.



what goes around goes around..........and around


i'm pretty sure that the last name goes first on these things. sorry.

i went to carnegie hall to see kronos quartet with asha bhosle singing (and zakir hussein playing tablas!) here is someone else who went too.

asha bhosle was totally incredible. she is a singing legend. she's 73 and she has recorded over 12,500 songs. many of these were composed by her late husband, r.d. burman, who was a famous bollywood composer. everyone at the hall was so excited to see her sing.
she sang the song i wanted to hear. it's called mera kuchh saaman, which she descibed translates to "some of my things in your house." it was such a beautiful night.