Oh my god. Please go here and read Motionless on the Peninsula from 11/15. Holy holy. Thanks, Frankie.


Box set, anyone? The National Film Board of Canada just released an epic set of the films of Norman McLaren, a visionary abstract filmmaker. My friend Kye rented me an old VHS of some of these gorgeous animations back in the Capp Street days. I am so psyched to see the rest of his work. This is a still from Blinkety Blank, where the images were etched and coloured directly onto the film. Amazing. I've also been enjoying a more contemporary animator of sorts, Rafael Rozendaal. Here's my recent favorite. So good.



npr told me it's joni mitchell's birthday. and albert camus.

as well, it is election day. janus films box set releases today. yes. obsessed with a ten-year-old stereolab record lately. amongst other things.
bigger slump and bigger wars and a smaller recovery
huger slump and greater wars and a shallower recovery


This is my best friend.

This is CG.